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King of the closet:

I can honestly say that this band is one of my favorite hardcore bands.  These guys put so much emotion into their music, it is unreal.  I had the opportunity to interview these guys a while back and this is what turned out.

Freedom Zine:  For those that do not know or have not been enlightened yet.  Can you give the readers a brief history of Blindside and what you all have been up to lately?

Simon: The story is that we're a couple of guys from Sweden who wanted to start a band with a message about living life in the name of Jesus Christ and to have fun. We had no
goals though, just wanted to play you know and suddenly all sorts of doors opened up.
We got a record deal with Swedish label Day-glo records and soon they licensed us to
Tooth & nail/Solid state records in the states. We had the oppurtunity to tour overseas and to do all kinds of stuff we never thought possible with this band. The last year has been amazing with media taking us in with our video on MTV in Europe and all sorts of magazines all over Europe doing interviews and reviews. It's way beyond our imagination, but we're all proud and happy about where God has taken us.  Right now we're writing new material during the fall and playing some gigs now and then. Our next gig is as opening act for Moterhead here in Stockholm so that's going to
rock for sure. Who knows what the future will bring.

 Freedom Zine:  How do you feel that you are being recieved by the music culture in your homeland?

Simon:  The first record got booted pretty much but "a thought crushed my mind" has been really well received all over the country. Since Sweden is pretty small it's hard to make
something happen with the kind of music we play but we're stoked on stuff we've been able to pull through the last couple of months. The sad thing is that there's actually people who won't accept us as a band because of our beliefs.

 Freedom Zine:  I know that a while ago, like many moons ago, you were receiving death threats for playing music and being christians, Has that settled down or are there still conflicts in that area?

Simon:  No, we never recieved any death threats or anything, not that we know about.  As I said, some people have problems with us being Christians but I see it as a challenge too, we knew there were people who weren't going to be pleased with what we're doing but it's been far less than what we expected. Most people are glad that we're coming with a possitive message and that we're honest with what's in our hearts.

Freedom Zine: Is there any way that I or the readers of this zine can pray for you both personally and as individuals?

Simon:  Of course, prayers are what keeps us going. Both as individuals and as a band we always go through hard times and battles and prayers has amazing effect on how things turn out.  Right now we're quite uncertain on what's next for the band and if
people could just pray that we follow Gods will that'd be awesome.

 Freedom Zine: What would you say is your greatest ministry opportunity as a band?

Simon:Just being able to show people what is our passion in life and why we do this is the greatest ministry. I doubt that if we'd be doing music with no glory for God we'd still be a band. He guides us so clearly and opens the doors right in time for us.

 Freedom Zine: Is there anything that you would like to leave with the readers of this zine, any words of wisdom or so forth?

Simon:  Just focus on God, that's what we try to do in our life.  If you're not a Christian we'd just like to encourage you to try it out.  Please pray for us.. it means so much.

God bless!

Rock on!