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To all the ones that I used to know and Love:

     Hello there and welcome to first issue ever of Freedom Zine.  I want to inform you that yes this is a music magazine, it is also a place where I hope and pray people can learn about God.  I have strong beliefs both in my relationship with the Lord and the music that I choose to listen to.  I hope that you will use this magazine as a tool, and not for a weapon.  There a lot of people that argue the fact what makes music Christian and what does not.  I feel that music is music.  The word secular is not even in my vocabulary anymore.  I want to take this time and share with you what I feel the Lord has been teaching me regarding life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.
     You see, I was raised in a very Godly home and I am thankful for that to a point.  What I mean is I feel that I have heard all the stories and I know what all the answers are when someone asks me a question at church. Or at least up until a few weeks ago I thought that.  I went through a battle with God in the debate arena of whether the existence of God was real or not.  I have come to the conclusion that for me and in my life, God is as real as the nose on my face.  He loves me and cares about more than my earthly mind will ever be able to comprehend.  The love of Christ is not just for a few people, nor is it for the elite people of society.  It is for everyone that is willing to accept it.  God is love and in him there is no darkness, no matter what you think.  Maybe you're a lot like I was and in the place where I was.  Maybe you are questioning the existence of God.  Maybe you are at the place where you say Oh yeah, I believe in God, but that is where it ends for me.  My friend.  Even the demons believe there is one God and they to shudder.  I hope that if you are at that place, please be careful and make every attempt to look for the God that I have found, the one and only Jesus Christ.  The only one that can save you from this troubled world we live in.  That is all for me.
     I do just want to say in closing that I deeply care about everyone that reads this.  You are important, both to me and to the Lord.  I hope that you are encouraged by what I feel the Lord wanted to say here.  My words are not important, my words will die, but the word of the Lord will stand forever.

See ya on the flip side:

Jason Williams