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The Dingees:
Fighting for the new America:

I want to say first off, I love this band, they are so good and they all love the Lord in their own way.  I caught up with these guys and we chatted about what exactly this group has been up to lately.

Freedom Zine:    For those that do not know, What have you guys been up to as a band?

Pegleg:   We recently finished our third album,Its called "the Crucial Conspiracy" and will be released on ToothandNail records. We also recently aquired a new van and plan to tour excessivly.

Freedom Zine:    How long have the dingees been around?

Pegleg:   We started in the summer of 96.It was always a shaky line up do to being a young band up until a year ago. Now we got the best dingies ever. I feel like we are just getting started. Just starting to develop our own thing.

Freedom Zine:    Where would you say that God is leading the dingees right now and five years from now?

Pegleg:  Who knows? I dont like to worry about the future,I feel blessed to be doing what we are doing now. I hope to continue to play music all my life. I hope to continue to make music with Dave, Bean, Aaron, and Scrodge. I see us still going strong. I know we all hope to be. Other folks I meet in bands these days seem to take things in such a trivial way. I am dedicated to making music, I cant imagine not doing it.

Freedom Zine:    How can the readers of this zine pray for you as a band and as individuals?

Pegleg:   We have a hard time supporting oursleves through music. I always ask
God to take care of us, you know, make sure all our bills are paid. And for safety on the road.

Freedom Zine:  What would you say is your most embarising moment as a band?

Pegleg:   Playing at youth groups and church shows. No one at those types of concerts seem to take music seriously. Its hard to give it your all when you feel the audience is only there to be social and the band is like 'atmosphere'. And then once while onstage I fell in a pool that they use to baptise people during church. That was pretty bad. They should not have punk shows at churches, its a bad idea.

Freedom Zine:   Is there anything that you would like to leave with the readers of this

Pegleg:  Its a Crucial COnspiracy. its coming and its a must.


This interview was interesting, I did have a lot of fun with it though.  Getting to know these artists and what they go through and being able to show others that they are people is always fun for me.  If you have not heard of these guys, I say you check there music out in a serious way.