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This is a band that not only does your typical punk music or whatever, they also explore into other areas, which I think is cool.  I interviewed this band because curiosity killed the cat, so I guess the cat only has eight lives left,.  Hope you enjoy.

Freedom Zine:  For those that don't really know. tell the readers a little history of the band?

Herbie:  Abe plays drums. Andrew plays guitar, bass, and sings.Kyle plays guitar, bass and sometimes does background singing, and we are all 16. About 8 months ago we started messing around on our various instruments and we were quick to realize that we enjoyed playing together. So, since then we have been practicing off and on trying to write some songs. We have recorded about eight or so songs but none of them have turned out quite the way we have hoped. But, we are now working on a few new and improved songs that we hope record soon.

Freedom Zine  Where would you like to see herbie five years from now?

Herbie:  We take it one day at a time. We plan to do whatever God tells us to do. If that is to continue as a band then we will do so.

Freedom Zine: What kind of Gear do you guys use?

Herbie:  Crate Amps, Fender and Peavey guitars, and Pearl drums.

Freedom Zine:  What style of music is herbie, I mean, do you only play punk or do you mix other styles of music within herbie?

Herbie:  The only reason we would be labeled as punk because that is one of our main influences. But, we dont want to limit ourselves to one genre. We like to try to expand our creativity.

Freedom Zine: How can the readers find out more about herbie?

Herbie:  You can listen to a *small* sample of our music at or you can check out our band's website at

Freedom Zine: Is there anything that you would like to leave with the readers of this zine?

Herbie:  Whatever we do as a band will be God's will. He continues to guide us daily. We hope that we will be able to show that through our music and our daily lives.

This interview was done on the seat of my pants.  I first heard this band while going to  They had a song called “Courtney hates the Huntingtons” and I just had to hear it, you should too, it's a funny song.