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Adam Voith:
Adam Voith is an independent writer that resides in Seattle, Washington.  He is an author that I feel has a good head on his shoulders.  I caught up with Him through an e-mail address that I found at his website.  Hope you enjoy.

Freedom Zine:    Lets start off by telling people a little about Adam and what you
have been up to lately?

Adam Voith:  Lately I've been keeping pretty busy with things that aren't necessarily TNI
related. I've got a job at this huge Cancer Research Center here in Seattle and I'm also working for a few record labels helping with publicity and writing descriptions for catalogs and such. I guess that's the bread and butter side of things, and aside from that I've been working on some new material that seems to be wroking itself into a new book. I don't think much of this will see the light of day for a good while. We're keeping up with the site, adding new writing every few weeks. I've been
gathering submissions for a new book/magazine deal that'll wind up being TNI's next release. It's going to be a collection of writing from various writers. We're shooting for Spring of 2001 on that.

Freedom Zine:    What influences you to write the way that you do, do you only write
about personal experiences or do you explore other options when writing?

Adam Voith   I'm certainly exploring new options with the writing I've been working on
over the past few months. It's more based in fiction than it is on actual events. Although, I do enjoy putting the real stuff I see and do into everything I write in some way. What I'm really interested in is writing that captures something relevant to the here and now. While I don't think the actual STORIES are all that different from the stories that have shownup in every generation's writing, I do believe that things like voice and setting and form can do a lot to make writing relevant to people living and working and loving and dying and voting and rocking and sleeping and eating and hating today.

Freedom Zine:    If you do not mind, tell me a little about tni?

Adam Voith:     TNI Books is a publishing company I started in order to get my first book
out there. Since then, I've released two other things oddly literary. There's a CD with no music on it and a kids story that comes with a 7" record. And as I mentioned earlier, the next release will be a collection of stories from various writers. TNI Books started as just me working with the help of friends to put out a few off center releases. My girlfriend works with me now as an integral part. We're tiny. Very very tiny. But we're working to create a spot for ourselves somewhere between the university style journals and a rock and roll record. The question of whether or not it's working is a big mystery to me. But we've still got lots of time. Not much money. But time we have.

Freedom Zine:     In your writing experience, what would you say is the greatest
lesson learned and what do you feel is still left to learn?

Adam Voith:  There's so much left to learn, but by doing TNI Books I've gained a lot of
insight on the business side of things... Finding ways to do books and such without losing my ass each time. For a while, I'm guessing I'll still lose bits and pieces of ass, but it gets a little easier to be more efficient and focused with each release. I'm most excited about getting stronger as a writer and finding others getting stronger and stronger with their own writing and making those words available for others to read.

Freedom Zine:    Do you do a lot of traveling, I know that last time I saw you you
were with Pedro the Lion, do you tour with them?

Adam Voith:  I've had some great opportunities to drive around the US over the past few
years. Some of the trips I've gotten to take have been great for TNI in terms of having the option of selling our stuff each night at clubs and meeting other writers and people into writing. I think I'm anchored for a while, though. There's plenty to do in front of the computer for the next many months. There's a vague plan to do some type of mini reading tour in the summer of 2001 with writers included in the collection we're gonna do, but nothing's solid on that yet. Stay tuned...

Freedom Zine:    Is there anything that you would like to leave with the readers of
this zine?

Adam Voith:  Thanks for taking the time to ask these questions. They're open ended,
allowing me to do something that might sound like a commercial. Forgive me.

This interview took place through e-mail.  It was a lot of fun for me to interview Adam,  I met him first at a pedro the lion show and bought his book, it took me a day to read it was that good.