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The Huntingtons:
Good all American punk rock:

Here it is, A lot of people have been waiting for me to do an interview with these guys.  I finally caught up with these guys after some major touring they had been doing.

Freedom Zine:    Lets start off by telling the readers what exactly The Huntingtons
have been up to, I know that you have recorded a lot in the past year or so, and from the sounds of it you have been doing some major touring?

Johnny:  Well, yea, we've been very busy this past year. We toured the states 3 times
and we're going out again in the fall, and we just got home from a European  tour with Marky Ramone. I believe the plan is to record the next album early next year.

Freedom Zine:  What would you like to see the Huntingtons doing in about five years
from now?

Johnny:  I love what we're doing right now, so hopefully we'll still be doing all the touring we do but maybe on a bigger level, with some bigger bands. I mean, I  love the size we're at right now, but I think it should grow if we're still  doing this 5 years from now.

Freedom Zine   How would you describe the ministry point of view of the huntingtons?

Johnny:  We get asked this a lot. The band's been around for almost 8 years now and
the point of view hasn't changed at all. I think people are starting to understand our feelings on this and accept it more. We're 4 Christian guys out doing what we feel called to do: play rock & roll music. We're not gonna preach to anyone just because other Christian bands do that. That's not our territory. We never hold back anything if we're asked something regarding our faith, but we don't go out trying to force it upon anyone either.

Freedom Zine   Is there any way that I or the readers of this zine can pray for you
as a band and as individuals?

Johnny:  Of course! As a band, we need prayer to stay cool with each other while we're
on the road touring so much. And each one of us individually needs prayer to stay focused and not get wrapped up in the rock & roll image. We want to be looked at as normal guys, that's what we are. We shouldn't be put on a pedistal or anything.

Freedom Zine   If you do not mind sharing, when and how did you all come to know the

Johnny: I think the story's pretty much the same for all of us, not exacly the same,
but along the same lines. We were all raised in Christian homes. I became a Christian around my early teenage years. I think its the same for everyone else, I'm not sure though.

Freedom Zine   I know this might seem like a weird question, but what would you say
is the freakiest show you have ever played and what made it so scary or freaky?

Johnny: Uhhhh....well, there's been a lot of weird shows. I guess in Europe, it was
either France or Spain, we played outside at the top of this mountain in like, the middle of some desert. There was like 50 people there and a bunch of dogs. The whole crowd was completely drunk and it seemed like the dogs were too. Everyone was "mosh pitting", including the dogs. Nobody knew our words, and we didn't think anyone would actually remember us playing there, so we kinda just fooled around & played whatever.

Freedom Zine:  What is your most embarrassing moment as a band?

Johnny:  Probably playing this "Kiddie Carnival" in Ohio. It was outside and the stage
was this lob sided back of a Mack truck. It was the last show of our summer tour this year. Our drummer was slidding forward the whole time. I was scared to death that my amp was gonna fall over from the slant. About 5 kids knew who we were and the rest of the crowd kinda just starred at us. It was strange, what a way to finish the summer tour .

Freedom Zine   How can the readers of this zine learn more about the Huntingtons?

Johnny: Come talk to us at a show. Go to our website,

Freedom Zine:  Lastly, Is there anything that you would like to leave with the
readers of this zine?

Johnny: Thanks to anyone who came to see us this past year! I love hanging out so
find me at a show & we'll chill! If you're a Christian and you wanna keep us in prayer, that'd be very cool too. Thanks a lot, see ya...
- Jonny Huntington