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Court Jesters:
New York music that is all about Jesus:

I had originally met one of the band members for this group in a chat room, we have been friends ever since.  I have never heard any of their music, but I plan to change that soon.  Hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Freedom Zine:  For those that do not know or have not heard, tell the readers a little about Court Jesters?

Gene: Court Jesters have been a vision of mine for the past 3 years . We are a band
made up of teenagers committed to serve God and attempt to change this nation
through our music . We have all come to a point in our lives where we want to
play music for the glory of god , but use it as a tool to reach out to unbelievers.

Christian:  Yeah, we all kinda have reached a point, through trials and tribulations, ups and downs, where we are sick of religion.  We dont want to be just another "christian band".  We want to spark up a holy revolution.  We wanna show kids the love that we've all recieved from God - and show them that they can have it too.  Court Jesters is a band that we hope will make music to unite all the punks and skins and thugs and rudeboys and baby bats and hardcore kids in holy rebellion.

Freedom Zine:  What would you say is your greatest ministry opportunity as a band and as individuals?

Gene:The greatest oppertunity in this ministry is to reach out!! . We plan to play as many shows as possible and doing so we proclaim the name of Jesus.  We love to talk to the people after a show and get to know people . It's all about showing love , and that is something so important for us to accomplish.

Christian:  I think our greatest ministry opportunity as a band is to be heard by a generation and a culture that some of which have never felt love.  Through shows and stuff, its not just about music.  We like to talk to people after shows and just love on them and show them that we're not some stuck up rockers.  That we really care about them.

Freedom Zine:  Is there any way that I or the people reading can pray for you as a band or as individuals?

Gene: As a band pray for direction. We have some really BIG opportunities ahead and are very excited about . For me personally , please pray for  wisdom and guidance from above . I have come to learn that it is IMPOSSIBLE to live a life without Christ and sometimes it's hard to show people the love that i've received.  you can email me at . I also plan on going to college next fall,so please pray for me for that

Christian:  definetly pray for anointing on the band.  too many bands rely  all on talent and not enough on anointing.  Without anointing, we're nothing.

Freedom Zine:  When and how did all of you become Christians?

Gene: I had grown up in the church but i never knew that i had to know him in a co  personal way . Finally i decided to commit my life to him at  the age of 14. Don't get me wrong i have had my share of falls and struggles but God has always been faithful , and I challenge the reader out there who doesn't believe in Christ to keep an open mind because One day YOU will meet your maker , whether you believe it or not. God is the creator of this universe and he loves you and wants to know you more.

Christian:  I grew up catholic, but later on in life, my parents gave me the choice of going to a christian church or continuing catholic.  I chose the christian church, but i didnt really know God.  The next few years were really bumpy, sometimes i'd be on fire for God, other times i would be far from it.  Eventually, i hit rock bottom and realized that i needed to get right.  God has put such a joy in my heart since then - i dont know how i
lasted without him.

Freedom Zine:  Where do you feel the Lord is leading the band and the members within?

Gene: We will be recording a demo this fall which we will send out to many different record companies , christian as well as secular . We are comitted!! Our goal is to tour by the summer of 2001 . God has done already some amazing things and we KNOW this is only the beginning

Christian:  Yeah, that demo is gonna be really big for us.  I also think we're moving on to more mature music.  If you simply listen to our old demo and the new one, you can see how much we've progressed.

Freedom Zine:  What would you say is your most embarasing moment as a band?

Gene: I think our first recording we ever did. IT just sounds horrible and anyone who has it will tell .For those who actually have it , WE FEEL SO BAD TO PUT YOU THROUGH THAT.but this new demo will be OFF THE HOOK!!

Christian:  That demo was pretty bad, but i think the most embaressing moment for me would have to be dropping the microphone at youthfest 2000.  We have a tape of it - a part of one of our songs where im trying to be serious, and I go and drop the microphone.  It may not sound that bad, but i was pretty embaressed about it.

Freedom Zine   Is there anything that you would like to leave with the readers of
this zine?

Gene: Well I'm empasizing this new demo because this will be the start for us. It is going to be an awesome experience . Our first time in a studio and it will show us where we are as a band . This ministry is a priority for us and we plan to get going with it . For booking email me at

Christian:  Id just like to say to the readers, dont let anybody tell you that you have to change for them.  Talk to God about it and let him be the judge.  He's the only one that we need to please, and he knows what is best for us.  I love you gusy, and if you wanna talk to me, my aol screenname is Skanktified.  You can email the band at:

Well, let me tell you, this was a good interview I felt.  I have never heard these guys, but I can safely say that they are my best friends and I suggest you check them out.