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Joy Electric:
Electronic music with an attitude:

Here is a band that a lot of people in misunderstand upon first listen.  Ronnie Martin is the man behind all the noise, and he has a sidekick by the name of Jeff Cloud. Also another brilliant person.

Freedom Zine:  I would like to ask what inspired you to write the song  "Children of the lord"  Is there anything behind the song?

Ronnie:   It was inspired by listening to a lot of older Christian bands like
The Altar Boys and Undercover. I wanted to write a big, anthemic song for
the faith that sort of recalled what these bands did back in the early days
of Christian rock. It's basically a fight song....for the faith.

Freedom Zine:  What kind of music influences you to do what you do?

Ronnie:   Two things, really. One would be classic style pop songs from
"Daydream Believer" to "Moon River".....anything with a beautiful and
timeless melody. The other thing is analogue electronics, which enables me
to acheive the kinds of textures and timing that I like to hear in music.

Freedom Zine:  How can the readers of this pray for Joy Electric, both as a band and
as individuals?

Ronnie:  I would ask that they would pray for our families and for the making
of the new album.

Freedom Zine:  Where do you see the style of music that Joy E. plays going in five years?

The sound of Joy Electric is an ongoing progression in the use and
study of analogue synthesis. I learn more with every album so hopefully in 5
years you'll get a slightly progressed sound and production. I say slightly
because I dont plan on making any sound changes or different approaches to
what we do. What I do is a craft.

Freedom Zine:  What type of instruments do you use in Joy Electric?

Ronnie:  Roland System 100 model 101, 102, 103, 104, 109 analogue synthesizer
and components.

Freedom Zine:  Who are your musical influences?

Ronnie:  Daniel Amos, 441, Keith Green, New Order, Human League The Smiths,

Freedom Zine:  Is there anything that you would like to leave with the readers of
this zine?

Ronnie:  "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own

This interview was an experiment for me.  I did not know to much about the band and had to do some research.  Im glad I had the opportunity to interview Ronnie, He seems like a cool guy.